Monday, July 27, 2009

The Ingredients

The composition of the perfume oil consists of natural extract of specific flowers, plants and herbs and fruits of which the identities of these ingredients are considered to be a trade secret that are withheld in accordance with the provision of 1910.1200 of the Code of federal regulations (USA)

However, the basic composition and ingredients of the Perfume Oils are as follows:-

Nefertiti - a blend of jasmine, lily and orchid

Cleopatra - a blend of rose and amber

Secret of the Desert - a blend of lemon, citrus and jasmine

Aida - a blend of apple, musk and sandalwood

Omar Khayyam - a blend of moss, woody and patchouli

1001 nights - a blend of rose and violet

Amun Ra - a blend of rose and pepper

Key of Life - a blend of jasmine and citrus

Lotus Flower - national flower of Upper Egypt, it is a deliciously comforting scent. In Ancient Egypt, three drops were used around the face, one behind each ear and one on the forehead. The first drop means love, the second happiness and the third immortality.

Horus - a blend of lavender and amber

Ramses - a blend of citrus, pepper and patchouli